June 29, 2013

zWhat is it about getting old sure we know the numbers but doesn’t it seem that you wake up one morning and your old. That’s the way Jeff described it but he said it happened in stages first when he turned forty he had trouble reading the paper fearing something had happened to his vision he goes to the Eye Doctor. The doctor gave him a full exam and said there’s nothing wrong you’re just getting old, that’ not something a guy who had just turned forty wants to hear. Next he woke up one morning and wanted to go back to bed, he hadn’t been up late or partying so he just said he was having a lazy day. He got up went to work and then his arm got sore then he needed to sit he went to the men’s room looked in the mirror and said when the hell did I get old. Age is a sneaky bastard it creeps up on you when you least expect it too. Jeff has said it’s OK for his body to age his mind was going to stay young forever. He thinks that the secret to living well as you age is to not worry about the end and make subtle changes to your life style that keep you happy. In other words don’t worry be happy that way nobody will notice you’re an old fart. This is a geriatric Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia and don’t worry about getting old the alternative sucks.

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