June 27, 2013

politically_correctBy now everyone knows Paula Dean was fired from the Food Network and has several deals cancelled, she will lose millions all this because a long time ago she said the word nigger not yesterday a long time ago. No one has seen any recent evidence of racism or bigotry from her. Richard Pryor would probably be in jail today for all the time he used the word. You better make sure no knows about the time you were drunk and walked into the ladies room realized it yelled fuck and walked out you would lose your job and everything else. This is an example of a few radical minds trying to make us all politically correct. I used to sit in study hall as a high schooler and listen to all the, what’s the correct word now Black, African people of color, who cares anyway they would be busting on each other with things like your mother is so black the call her Invisible woman at night. It was nothing to hear hey nigger you going to the party tonight? My nephew down here refers to all his friends (mostly white or Hispanic) as what’s up my niggas. This political correctness is not undoing wrongs it’s putting us back into the dark ages. This one pissed off Black and White cat named Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia

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