June 25, 2013

info-is-power2I guess everybody knows about the NSA spying on Americans and if you’ve read any posts about this from me you that Jeff has said this kind of thing has been going on for a long time. The question should be not how they got away with it but why the people let them get away with it. This is not really all about National security it’s about power. The person with the most information will be the person in the driver’s seat. All you have to do is study J. Edgar Hoover and look what he was capable of when he ran the FBI. Presidents were afraid of him the press was afraid of him he was able to hide is alleged homosexuality even after his death. He was at one time probably the single most powerful person in the country. He did all this by gathering information on important people and then keeping that information to himself. What’s scary about what’s going on now is people are aware of this and just don’t care they would rather read the soccer news than this story. Americans have a ridiculous short attention span. This might be due to the computer age where as before a news item might stay on the front page of the paper for weeks now it’s here and then gone in a day. There’s also the apathy factor where people say well that’s out there and I’m here like Jeff’s wife and other Colombians. They watch the news and a story will come up about a Farc attack in a different city and they won’t even bother paying attention. They will watch a story about some celebrity doing a concert or having a baby. They ignore the Farc story because it takes place 75 miles from them and down here that’s just the way they think. The United States is the same way people have stopped caring about what happens outside their little world they are more concerned with keeping their job and paying the mortgage. I understand all that but if people don’t start paying attention they may not have the ability to control their own lives. There is much more I can say and you can read about in other places but I know you won’t. this is a much disappointed Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.


  1. Valerie McCaffrey said

    I bet you feel better getting that off your chest



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