June 23, 2013

hSunday and since I have nothing really important to write about let’s look at the news shall we. Some of these really aren’t funny but show just how stupid we are. First Mass. man who ordered tie gets Social Security numbers instead. What make this article funny and dumb is we worry about leaks of information all the time and we’re right now chasing some guy who wrote the story about the US spying on us Hell everybody is spying on everyone else. Next Iowa man selling coffin on internet asked about bones. There should be an IQ test given at the time of purchase of a computer. Paula Deen thanks food Network after firing> Gee unemployment must be better than I remember and finally Essentials tips for camping meals yeah if you like to eat don’t go camping. That all I got on this Sunday this is your pal Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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