June 22, 2013

weekendIt’s Saturday and this post is late because we were watching the world cup U 20 match between Colombia and Australia that ended in a tie. These guys play really hard the whole game unlike the big time pros who prone to stand around a lot. The day started out raining and now the sun is out and it’s hot. We saw in the US where a cooking channel personality was fired for admitting to using racial slurs in her past. Jeff is really pissed he tired of all the politically correctness in the world you can’t lose your temper and say something wrong or you’ll lose your job. Sports teams are being told to change their names but not by the people they’re supposedly offended but some lawyer that thinks it sounds racist. Jeff says he never thought of it being racist until they said it was. Look at Richard Pryor he wouldn’t be funny today if he couldn’t use the N word as it’s referred to. George Carlin is rolling over in his grave at all this political correctness. But I bet he could come up with a new list of words we can’t say in public never mind on TV. Personally I think there are a lot more pressing problems for the world to solve you humans should stop this stuff and get to work on them. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia

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