June 20, 2013

eYesterday the world lost a great actor in James Gandolfini. The actor who made being a mob boss from New Jersey cool and almost human is gone now. Jeff and millions of others tuned in every Sunday Night to find out what kind of trouble Tony Soprano was in and who would get whacked this week. People flocked to all the places and spots that were in the show and paid respects to Mr. Gandolfini. Jeff thinks they should do a mob style funeral for him and not as a joke but as a tribute. He got people interested in NJ no as a joke but a real place. Thanks to this show other shows came and used NJ to film in doing great things for the economy and making NJ a film destination. There will be a lot said about Mr. Gandolfini all good I hope he was a nice man by all accounts and a great actor. I don’t know how he felt being best known for playing Tony Soprano but he was in good company. Marlin Brando was an unbelievable actor who is best remembered by this generation as Vito Corleone. So that’s not too shabby company to be in is Jim. I could keep writing and saying nice things and talk about favorite scenes in the show but it’s time for me to leave one last thing we send our deepest and most heartfelt condolences to Mr. Gandolfini’s Family. This is Flounder say CIAO from Colombia.

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