June 19, 2013

BrainDroppingsHeader1Today Jeff has decided to post some quotes from his favorite Comedian and one of the most intelligent people he knows George Carlin. Mr. Carlin passed away a few years ago but his quotes are and always will be appropriate for the times. Meant to be funny they are but also they are sarcastic comments on the human condition. Here we go; how is possible to be seated on a standing committee?
I have come up with a single sentence that includes all of the seven deadly sins: greed, anger, pride, lust, gluttony, sloth, and envy. Here is Mr. Carlin’s sentence. “It enrages me that I, a clearly superior person, should have less money than my neighbor, whose wife I would love to fuck if I weren’t so busy eating pork chops and sleeping all day.”
Recent polls reveal that some people have never been polled. Until recently.
Did you ever run over somebody with your car? And then you panic? So
Did you ever run over somebody with your car? And then you panic? So you back up and run over them again? Did you notice the second crunch was not quite as loud?
If I had just one wish it would be to write the letter z in longhand. These are from the book Brain droppings by my hero George Carlin I don’t have permission to reprint these so I might get in trouble but if it get people who never heard of him interested in him it will be worth it this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin

One Response to “QUOTES FROM MY HERO”

  1. valerie said

    one of my favorites as well also Richard prior


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