June 17, 2013

fffHad a great Father Day Jeff and Ruby went to Nachos to be with the family (Pictures Tom.) and I got to rest. Not only that, but Nacional lost and the sun was out all day it was cool. El Jefe was there and Camilo and John and Hader and even Hari who really stole the day with his cuteness. He had everybody laughing you just had to even if you didn’t want to. But today is Monday Ruby is babysitting everyone else is off to work so Jeff and me get to chill together. Hari told his parents he wants a cat and they wanted to know if Jeff or Ruby had said anything to him. They said they hadn’t and that’s the truth, but I’m not sure a little dog wouldn’t be better. John says dog’s smell well he hasn’t been around me when I fart. Jeff says he’ll have Hari clean my litter box and see if he still wants a cat. That’s it for this morning comeback tomorrow for Father’s Day pics and more tis is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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