June 16, 2013

EEEToday is Fathers Day just about everywhere in the world. Jeff’s and my father all passed away a long time ago, so we celebrate everyone else father. We hope everyone who reads this has a good father one they can respect and look to for advice as they grow older. Jeff’s father worked too hard and partied too hard but that didn’t mean he didn’t love his family he just came from a different generation. My old man was a typical cat got my mom pregnant and took off never to be seen again but that’s what cats do. Jeff has been my friend and father figure for a longtime. If you have a father or grandfather in your life and he’s there for you make sure you let him know how much you love him every chance you get no just today because he’s not going to be there forever and they like to know they did a good job. Well that’s it for now Jeff and Ruby and the guys are headed to Nachos where they’ll celebrate the day with family El Jefe will be there and Jeff loves that man so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia. OH by the way HAPPY FATHERS DAY.

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