June 15, 2013

f0095-02You know there are a lot of things I’ve never been able to understand such as why do I chase my tail or dogs walk around sniffing each other’s ass. There are other things I don’t understand like how humans complain constantly about politicians but then they go out and elect the same ones again and again. They complain about how the environment is being destroyed then go out and through a cigarette but on the ground, that filter will be around longer than they will. People are obsessed with why if somebody goes out and kills a school full of children, people want to know why. Knowing why something like that happens will not prevent it from happening again knowing that certain chemicals when combined might cure cancer is something worth wondering why about. Some people want to know when they’re going to die, why so they can do something bad and not worry about the consequences. Some things I don’t understand are better left not understanding others need to be understood to make the future better what do you think? Time for me to go all this stuff is starting to give me a headache this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.( I wonder I keep writing this)

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