June 14, 2013

imagesJeff and I just finished going over the news and thought let’s do one of our headline posts where try to find ones that nobody cares about. First on the list is Splenda not so Splendid when it first came out is was lauded as the best because it contained no cancer causing ingredients and tasted great. Now a study from Italy says an ingredient cause cancer in mice. Sander Bulloch doesn’t perform her own stunts anymore. Did you know she did do you care? John Oliver finished talking about the NSA who’s John Oliver? Two Faced Kitten, I guess this is news but with so many two faced politicians I don’t see how. Talking to your car is a lot more dangerous than you think, I would suppose so. How to make money doing what you love isn’t that what hookers do? Well that’s it for now this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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