June 13, 2013

imagesJeff and I were reading the Rolling Stone news letter this morning and they did a thing about Rocks greatest rebels. They had Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, Keith Richards, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, Jim Morrison, John Lennon and Axl Rose. There were others but you all probably know these guys but I think there are a couple missing like Bob Marley and Janis Ian. I don’t in any way dispute that these people were Rock Rebels and that they also helped wake up the American conscious to things that were wrong. Now a day’s rock musicians are more concerned with making money or making fools of themselves (see Britney Spears and Justin Bieber to name a couple). Jeff’s concern is what happens when these guy are all gone some are already and rock music doesn’t have an up and coming Rebel to help America listen to its conscious and I agree. That doesn’t mean there isn’t good music out there it just means no matter what good they do (see Bono, Shakira, Junes, Mellancamp and others) it just means their careers come first then they look for tax deductions. Time for me to split this Flounder saying Ciao from Colombia.

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