June 11, 2013

super manner wordsAt what time did things like common courtesy and good manners go out the window? Jeff recently watched Top Chef and was amazed that these well educated gourmets didn’t know the proper way to hold a knife and fork. Jeff’s mom would have had him reading Emily Post’s book of etiquette and then writing 100 times I won’t use bad manners. Jeff’s wife Ruby has good manners so you can’t say it culture differences. I guess with so many parents working and kids eating fast food or sitting in front of the TV the kids never get to learn, but you would think the Chefs on TV would. Then there’s the little manner of saying things like saying excuse me or giving your seat on the train to women. The older people will do this the kids and younger folks just sit there and stare up at you and smile. I think if people learned common courtesy maybe the world wouldn’t be so screwed up. That’s the end of today’s lecture this is Flounder saying thanks for reading and CIAO from Colombia.

One Response to “EXCUSE ME”

  1. valerie said

    what is worse is a food product trying to sell the product and they have a kid holding his spoon with his entire hand wrapped around the handle shoveling it in his mouth – and I think it was done because they thought it was cute the kid looked to be ten. it would turn me against the product.


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