June 7, 2013

iiiWell I couldn’t get access to Word press yesterday and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I couldn’t even get to them to ask them what was happening I know it wasn’t on my end because I ran every diagnostic test I could. It seems it might have been a denial of service attack by some hacking group. Those guys are really starting to piss me off I guess when you’re that much of a geek you like to show off. Colombia plays Argentina today in soccer so nothing will be going on once the game starts and should Colombia win it will probably get very noisy around here. Jeff told Ruby to invite Hader to come watch the game John has something else to do and it’s important to him so he won’t be here. I going to try and post this now if everything is ok I’ll be back later with some more BS this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia

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