June 7, 2013

zombie-computer-3dWell I’m back have you noticed how many posts I start with the word well? I guess I’ve become a creature of habit anyhow I thought I’d try and explain a denial of service attack since they’re becoming more and more frequent. Most of the more recent attacks have been aimed at banks but sometimes they just try to shut down the internet. For them to do this first they have to set up a zombie computers which are computers which without you knowing they have taken control of. Then they find other s that they can use to relay commands which intern target a server such as Microsoft they then bombard with requests for information from all the other computers they control. The object is to trick the target computer into thinking all these requests are real and then make it so busy that it will slow down or crash. If you’ve gone to your personal banking or email provider and found that they’re very slow or you can’t get access because they’re busy it more than likely is a denial of service attack. That’s why you need security software that will prevent malware from being loaded into your computer as well as Trojan style viruses. Now that everyone is completely afraid of their computer and the internet I will say this Flounder once again saying CIAO from Medellin

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