June 4, 2013

2c832305a750ee8f71a8aa839bd4af9aI know I’ve written about internet privacy before but I’m going to do it again. Jeff uses yahoo mail for his email account but he just read where Yahoo is now scanning your e-mail for information so it can sell your preferences to advertisers as well as place their own ads and add to your spam. Now you can opt out of the ads but you can’t stop the scanning. Jeff has looked around for an easy replacement and has decided on Gmail from Google so in the next few days he will be changing his and mine email addresses. It’s not something he’s looking forward too because there are a lot of people and companies he has to notify. Hopefully he won’t forget any. He thinks Yahoo counts on this to stop a lot of people from leaving as does Facebook does the same thing when you want to cancel. They hope that you will see how much work it is and just leave the accounts open even if you use some other social page or e-mail account. But there are a lot of people like Jeff who just get pissed and will take the time and the energy to make changes. So look for the articles about the new Yahoo email practices and see if you can live with them. It will be a day or two before Jeff starts making the change over since he needs to set aside a block of time to do this. I will keep you advised as to when he makes the change and he’ll send at an e-mail just before he shuts down his yahoo account. In the mean time this is Flounder saying CIAO and Peace Out from Medellin.

One Response to “PRIVACY YEAH RIGHT”

  1. valerie said

    I have yahoo – how will I know if they are doing this to me????


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