June 3, 2013

TamalMonday is here and for all you lucky people in America it’s time to go to work while we enjoy the end of a long weekend in Colombia. If there’s one thing Colombians excel at it having holidays they average one every 17 days or so. That’s what makes them the 3rd or 5th happiest people in the world (no 1 is Norway). This just one more reason American are moving down here although more on the coast than in Medellin, it would seem people still think Cartels and the Farc are running around kidnapping people and setting bombs of. Now don’t get me wrong some of that stuff still goes on but not in Medellin, but like every other country in the world when the sun goes down the bad people come out. Anyhow getting back on track for some reason this holiday was very quiet, usually when it’s a holiday it’s an excuse for people to party and get drunk however this one was very quiet and believe me I’m not complaining. People in Colombia work hard and play hard but they keep it in balance they go out and get drunk the night before but they’ll be at work the next day and have a smile on their face. Well I best get going you guys should really consider visiting Colombia in the mean time this Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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