May 20, 2013

imagesIt’s Monday time to take a look and see what’s been happening. First Nacional won Medellin lost now we’ll have to listen to John for awhile. The Knicks got knocked out of the playoffs. The Yankees are in first place and the Mets aren’t. The sun is shining in Medellin that should be a top story hope it stays that way for awhile. Jeff finally got new filters for my water fountain and now the water tastes like water again. El Jefe came over yesterday always good to see him he even cooler than Jeff. Let’s see what else Justin Bieber got booed at the Billboard music awards last night to bad the kid doesn’t have real talent. Taylor swift won eight awards she’s got talent but she wins because there’s no else out there. She does write songs and can sing live unlike Brittney Spears whose biggest claim to fame is she doesn’t like to wear underwear. Rap music is still big but it’s not the music of the street anymore the guys performing just make money from the street most are really glad they don’t live in those neighborhoods anymore. The sports season slows down now with not too much soccer left and basketball winding down that sort of leaves Baseball and Jeff would rather watch grass grow. It’s all the same to me the music the sports they’re just things on the TV that make noise nod keep me awake. Speaking of which this Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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