May 19, 2013

8342854723_b4fefb0336We have now written 278 pages and 133,153 words since I started doing this that a lot of BS to come up with don’t you think. Anyhow I thought today we’d talk about what to do on raining day in Colombia and we came up with the normal stuff. You know sit around watch TV; go to the mall try to see a movie, or just window shop. Ruby does one of her the house is filthy and I need to clean then she spend three hours cleaning and is too tired to do anything else. Jeff works on his book, reads, watches TV and generally tries to stay out of Rubies way (she’s not a happy camper when she’s cleaning). Most of Colombia does the same and of they also drink a lot, which Jeff doesn’t do anymore, thank god. As for me I climb up on their bed go to the center of my blanket and crash until it’s time to eat and guess what that’s where I’m going right now so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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