May 18, 2013

imagesThere’s a big lottery tonight in the US it’s called Power Ball and the winner can get 6oo million dollars, that’s a lot. But that prize is divided over 25 years and cannot be transferred to your survivors should you die. If you want just one payment in cash it’s 376 million and that’s not too bad. Of course you have to pay taxes and that’s almost half so now you down to about 180 million, poor baby. Now you have to hide from all the relatives you didn’t know you had and all the people who are going to try and tell you what to do with the money. It’s fun to think what you would do with all that money me I’m a cat I don’t use money I just rub up against somebody’s leg and I get what I want. Jeff says he still would live in the US he might not stay in Colombia but he just doesn’t want to live in the US. I think he’s just saying that, but not to worry he doesn’t have a ticket in the lottery so he’s not going anywhere. Well I’ll let you get back to dreaming about the money this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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