May 17, 2013

3469146523_1ebd3c5201_zDo you guys read the stuff going on in the world like this story about the FBI seizing phone records of the Associated Press? How about Facebook privacy and what happens when you like a page? Well I’m here to tell you everybody is watching everybody else. There are cameras everywhere and when the government isn’t watching you private industry gathering info so they can sell it, and don’t get me started on the Hackers out there. I will say if it wasn’t for some of these Hackers we might never know about who watching us. Unfortunately I believe it’s reach a point of no going back, I don’t think we can stop them from watching us. Your cell phone will allow the Government to locate you to within three feet of where your standing and I know your saying well I’ll just turn it off. Hey dummy they can turn it on remotely ok so now you’re not going to have a cell phone or use the internet or anything else that might leave a trail. Let me ask you do you have a dog or cat that you really love and didn’t you have the Vet put in a Microchip just in case they get lost? Well guess what they got you as well as me. I know we’re supposed to feel safer with the government looking out for terrorists but they’re collecting information on all of us. One last example the National Security Agency has been doing this for years they have computers listening to every transmission that goes through the air. They look for certain words or phrases and then if they find one they will have humans looking at it they do the same with books and other publications. It’s a lot easier now that there’s online publication now they don’t have to scan everything they can just download it and check it. Well that should give you something to think about next time you’re walking down the street look around see how many cameras are watching you. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin remember somebody is watching or listening.

One Response to “DON’T LOOK NOW”

  1. valerie said

    when I was reading 1984 I could not put it down, but I did not believe it would ever happen – well it has surpassed


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