May 15, 2013

good_food_bad_foodHave you ever noticed that if something really tastes good and you love it that it’s really bad for you? It’s like sports if you love to play it it’s doing you physical harm. I’m a cat and petting me is supposed to be good for your blood pressure, but most of the people that could benefit from me are either allergic or plain just don’t like me. (Not my buddy Jeff) Medicine that really works either has bad side effects or tastes lousy. The government keeps changing its mind on what’s good for you and what s bad for you like eggs or wine. I guess it boils down to who does the biggest payoff that week. Most teenagers love music but if you go to concerts and stand up front near the speakers you’re going to have ear problems later in life. I don’t know what to tell you I guess you should just try to do thing in moderation except when it come s to petting me. This is Flounder and his buddy Jeff saying CIAO from Medellin.

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