May 12, 2013

tumblr_m6e4mpYLl41qznakso1_1280Welcome to Mothers Day 2013, hope all you moms out there are having a great day and the kids are behaving. I find it curious that in society that until a few years ago was totally male dominated that Mothers Day is such a big holiday and Fathers Day is like yeah OK. The only thing special about Fathers Day is you can’t get a tee time at the local golf course and DAD get to control the remote until he passes out. I really think the move Fathers Day to Super Bowl Sunday moms don’t get to much attention on that day. I know Jeff’s friends in the restaurant business are already hard at work and wishing that they had chosen another profession. Jeff and Ruby are getting ready to BBQ with Olga Nacho and the boys as for me well I’m going to be doing my normal Mother’s Day thing, curl up on the bed and try to sleep the day away until Jeff comes home and gives me a big hug and tells me he loves me. This is flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia

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