May 11, 2013

imagesTomorrow is Mothers Day down here and everywhere else I guess it’s the biggest day of the year in the restaurant business. It is hated by all of us who have ever worked that day you 10 times as busy and make half the money. Jeff, Ruby and I have all lost our moms so we celebrate the fact that Ruby and her sisters are mothers. They’ll all be going to Olga’s house to BBQ tomorrow and I get to spend most of the day alone, which is cool Jeff will come home and give me a big hug and Ruby might even scratch my ears. I know most of Jeff’s friends in the US will either be spending the day home or working since most have or are working in a restaurant. I should post pictures of Jeff’s an Ruby’s mothers and maybe I can find one of my own. Cat moms take care of us until where about eight weeks old then kick us out so we’re not really close. Well I’ll be back with more tomorrow morning and maybe in the evening too so for mow this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

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