May 10, 2013

indexOK let’s talk about morality in US today I read an article about a 26 year old teacher in Florida who was fired for modeling a Bikini and having her picture taken. I’ve seen the photos and there’s nothing wrong with them there not sexy or in any way pornographic and she wasn’t showing them to her students. What interested me is how the principle found them, what was he looking for? This is just another example of how America is taking a step back. What do I mean? In the sixties we had what a people refer to as the sexual revolution where we stopped keeping the word sex in the closet. Granted there were was some over doing of it but if we hadn’t had that little revolution we would have more pregnant teenagers and unwanted children then we do today. Sex education is better taught in a class room then a locker room. Having a more open policy towards education allows kids to learn good sex habits instead of sneaking porn magazines and film in to the house and watching women be missed treated and exploited. The way the US is going led by religious factions who believe you should live your life as they see fit sex is headed back into the closet and open discussion of it will be a crime. Stores that have been around since the sixties, like the Pink Pussycat Boutique, openly catering to a curious public will be forced to close or operate underground. Now I’m just a cat and we’ve been sexually liberated since the beginning of time what do I know this is Flounder saying, don’t forget Sunday is Mothers Day, CIAO from Medellin.

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