May 9, 2013

imagesWell this post should make you want to take a shower. Jeff has been watching the Hannibal TV series and is amazed at the fascination people have with morbidity and in particular serial killers. Hannibal brings back memories of the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Donner, who like Hannibal was a cannibal. Jeff thinks this is starting to get out of hand and maybe we should reexamine our interest in these stories. While reading Yahoo news this morning he saw a story entitled How to cook a human with Hannibal’s Bryan Fuller and Chef Jose Andres. Now even I think that’s taking things a little too far I believe there are enough wackos out there and they don’t need any encouragement from stories like this. My larger brethren don’t go around eating humans unless they’re just plain desperate or sick. Now don’t get me wrong Jeff loves the movies about Hannibal Lector more because he think Sir Anthony Quinn portrays him like the Horror actors of old, as for me they scare the crap out of me and I refuse to watch. If I do watch I don’t sleep and I walk around constantly looking over my shoulder. This story is starting to give me the creeps so I think it’s time for to say this Flounder and his strange friend Jeff saying CIAO from Colombia.

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