May 8, 2013

0834d0839c8bbee905c234b0983db280Would you change anything you’ve done would you want to come back again for a second chance or would you like to come back as something different? Pretty heavy questions coming from a cat maybe I was a famous philosopher in a different life. Jeff has thought a lot about going back to change thing but he concludes that unless he came back as a completely different person he probably do the same thing again. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have regret especially his involvement with other people and how he treated them. He feels he was too good to some and not good enough to others but he knows none of it would change where he is in life now. How about coming back would you want to? Jeff doesn’t think about that he says if you start worrying about coming back as a bird or something you’ll start thinking about dying and since he knows he can’t do anything about that he’s not going to think about it. I think you call that a fatalist funny because he thinks his brother came back as a Bottlenose Dolphin. Jeff has always been a little strange he comes down somewhere between a Hippy and Zen Buddhist monk. Well I still have about seven lives to go so I’m not about to start thinking about all this stuff, this is Flounder and his wacky friend Jeff saying CIAO from Medellin.

One Response to “WOULD YOU?”

  1. valerie said

    well I believe in reincarnation and the karma that goes along with it. would I change things in this lifetime that I have done sure but like Jeff if I had the opportunity I would still do that same I guess.


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