May 6, 2013

image004.330215549_stdJeff and Ruby went shopping and out to dinner yesterday they went to a restaurant called Mis Carnes it’s a steak house and it’s fabulous and cheap by American standards. This restaurant is one of a chain in Medellin and Bogota and this particular one is located in the mall with the Exito. Down here everybody gets paid the fifteenth and first so this was the first weekend of the month that and the fact that everybody goes out to eat on Sunday down here. The mall was really busy and of course it was raining and next week is Mother’s Day so it was really busy. I think I told you there is no such thing as fast food in Colombia the line at McDonalds was about twenty deep that means people were waiting up to forty minutes for a Big Mac and fries. I don’t think people in America would stand for that even though it meant everything was freshly made. Now getting back to the steak Jeff had a T-Bone with fried Plantain chips salad and baked potato for 24900 pesos or about $13.59 in dollars take that along with the fact that it was close to 24 oz and you know why we say the cost of living is cheaper down here. That is the same price you pay for three medallions of Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon. Jeff says he doesn’t even want to think what that would cost in a steak place in the US. Well all this talk of food is making me hungry so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin BON APPETITE.

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