May 5, 2013

imagesQuestions I’ve come up with a few and I’d love to hear your answers so here we go. 1) Why if the combustible engine (the type of engine in your car) has been obsolete since 1946, hasn’t been replaced by whatever made it obsolete in the first place? 2) If animals can learn to coexist why can’t humans? 3) Why do people complain about the high cost of concerts and sporting events but still spend the money to go? 3) Why if we’re going to run out of natural resources in a few years haven’ we been able to convince the idiots running the world to do something about it? 4) Why if people kill people and not gun, as the NRA is so fond of saying, are they so upset when we want to check to see if these people are nut or not? 5) Why in Colombia if there are only 2ix thousand Farc rebels and many thousand more police and Solders can’t they be found and eliminated? And lastly if a tree falls in the forest does anybody care? This is Flounder and Jeff saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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