May 4, 2013

imagesYou want to know how language is changing and what can be said and what shouldn’t be said and where ok I’ll give you some examples never say the words Bomb, Biological, radioactive while standing in line at the airport oh and also don’t kid around about kidnapping or hijacking. Remember when IT was just a two letter adverb now it’s a noun describing the internet. I can’t stand all the political correctness going around now you can’t do the Tomahawk chop or cal you team Indians or Redskins and the list goes on and on. OK but it seems to be OK when people with 5% American Indian blood get to open a casino and say there helping the tribe. I don’t see a lot of Indians driving to the casino in a Cadillac. We’re obsessed with not offending anyone but it took years and years and a lawyer before anybody got upset. I guess Jeff is well adjusted enough that he doesn’t get upset about that stuff he doesn’t think it offensive and doesn’t think ending the tomahawk chop is going to make up for two hundred years plus of genocide. I guess I got a little away from language maybe another day this is Flounder and his 20% Indian buddy saying CIAO from Medellin.

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