May 2, 2013

waterfall_web_environmentLet’s talk a little bit about the environment shall we Jeff has complained in the past about the pollution of the Medellin river and the area around the stream by his house. He’s seen these things I America as well. He say it happens at two different times first when the build what is referred to as low income housing where you take people who living in bad conditions and build nice places for them to live. The problem comes from having to teach them that now they don’t drop garbage on the ground or in Colombia’s case throw it in the river or the nearest gully. It took years for people in Newark to understand that and there are still sections where you’ll see abandoned cars and garbage strewn everywhere. This will remain a problem in America and Colombia until people stop taking the environment for granted and they will also need to take pride in their neighbor hoods. I’ve learned not to scratch the furniture or poop where I shouldn’t, but it appears people are much harder to train in that regard. Now it seems to get better as people get older but the young ones just don’t care and they’re the ones who will have to deal with the results of there not caring. Well I’m going to climb down off my soap box for now this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin

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