May 1, 2013

map_columbiaThis will be as short post since Jeff doesn’t feel good and I have to keep him company in bed. I’ve written a lot of posts about Colombia mainly because it’s where we live now, it really is a beautiful country but like everywhere else it has problems. Jeff lives on Social Security something he couldn’t do I America because it’s just too expensive there, but down here he’s able to live better than the average person. By no means is rich but he’s able to what he wants when he wants he has good health insurance which to him is cheap (about 45 dollars a month) but it’s not cheap if your Colombian. Whenever they go to the store and a young lady is waiting on them they ask do we know any American men they could meet. I don’t think they’re looking for rich men they seem to think American men treat their wives better and don’t drink as much. That’s just a culture difference and I’m not sure it accurate, the people down here are rated some of the happiest in the world. I think that’s because they let the stress of little thing bother them like we do. OK I here Jeff doing his I’m sick routine so I’ll have to cut this short, this is Flounder and sick little buddy Jeff saying CIAO from Colombia.

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