April 15, 2013

1_article_photo Venezuela held an election yesterday and it was closer than anybody suspected although the result wasn’t a surprise Maduro won. Now there are claims by the Capriles side of election fraud and their probably right. But now here’s the thing it was probably on both sides the question is who was the most effective. Voter fraud is everywhere in the US there are many cases of people voting ten years after they died it does tend to be almost a way of life in Latin America. The method of voting and the one used to count and verify the vote are just too easy to mess with in most countries they know there’s going to be fraud look at Florida when Bush got elected. They just sort of ignore it since in the US the presidential election is more about certain states and money. In Latin America it’s all about money and since most of the people don’t have a lot a few pesos here or there can win an election that and having a couple of mean cops or military types standing around giving you the evil eye if they think you’re not going to vote the right way. America just likes to make very difficult for poor people to vote they draw maps and put district voting machines far away and then they have their employers dock them for the time they use to go vote, of course this is all illegal but it still goes on. I think Capriles should be grateful he didn’t win his country is so messed up right now that I doubt he would be able to change anything before the military stepped in. Well that it for political speak this is Flounder and his buddy Jeff saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia

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