April 14, 2013


cheap-guyYou know Scottish and Jewish people are always made fun of because they’re what some people call frugal or cheap. In reality they’re really not but I have a good example of a people being cheap, down here people don’t have a lot of money to waste on stupid stuff like Americans do, so some people might say there cheap, but the only time you really say that is when you talk about their cell phone minutes. Here’s an example a guy is walking down the street and sees an accident right in front of him and there’s somebody hurt. The injured person is telling him he needs help call an ambulance the passerby looks around and he’s the only one there he says I don’t have a cell phone the injured person looks at him and says he left his home. After this conversation they here a ring tones and they both smile sheepishly and reach for their cell phones. This might seem extreme but Jeff has seen some people do strange thing when it come to using minutes, I should explain that nobody buys a monthly plan they go to the corner and buy a fixed amount of minutes depending on their needs and the key word is their needs. A lot of people don’t even have cell phone they go to someone who will be sitting on a corner or in front of a store with three or four cell phones and charging so much per minute for their use. People won’t use their home phones to make calls to cell phones because it costs more per call. This is a reason people tend to live close to their families of course it’s not the only reason, but it’s the one I like best. It’s time for Flounder to say CIAO for Medellin.

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