April 12, 2013

Well I’m a little pissed off Ruby’s son John said there were other animals writing Blogs, and were getting paid for it and that Jeff was still poor. Well first I’m not just an animal writing a blog I’m Jeff’s best friend and resent being put in the same class as a dog. It’s a proven fact cats are smarter than dogs; you don’t see us going around begging for food. It john should understand we never got into this to make money, as soon as you do that you have people who will want to write about this or that. We choose what were going to say on particular day and we don’t get upset if nobody reads the post. We could do a political satire thing or simply discuss the news from Colombia but we have friends in other places so we wake up set down check our email and then decide what were going to write about on that day. We would write about Colombian soccer, but the teams are so bad I mean how many stories can you write about losing or tying. I think John is just jealous because he has to get up and go to work every day and Jeff and Ruby don’t and besides that we have family and each other which trumps money anytime. So John you go to work me and Jeff are going to go sit on the balcony and do nothing. This is flounder and Jeff living the good life saying Ciao.   images

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