April 11, 2013

Bored_Cat_Is_BoredIt’s pretty boring around here right now even though we had some horrendous rain and win yesterday and early this morning. When the wind blows around here it howls because the windows don’t seal perfectly. Now what does this have to do with Jeff and me being bored? Absolutely nothing we’re bored with the politicians saying the same thing down here and the US and then doing nothing. Boy I bet Jeff wishes he had finished college and stayed in politics he probably could have retired at thirty instead of 64. I don’t mean he would have been on a pension I mean he would have gotten elected to some small office and say around all day playing solitaire. I mean did you ever watch the TV broadcast of the congress in the US and what do you see? A bunch of empty seats and down here you see empty seats or people eating and some man or woman is standing up there giving a speech and no one is there to hear it, there are some members of the US congress that are always absent during critical votes but they don’t seem to miss their Tee times or their lunch dates. Anyhow we don’t get upset about any more we just yawn and say oh well its same old same old. Well talking about this has made me want to take a nap so this is Flounder and his buddy Jeff saying CIAO from Colombia

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