April 9, 2013

Colombia-holds-talks-with-FARC-rebels-OS25K7HV-x-largeWell today there is a big march for peace in Colombia; Jeff has seen a lot of peace marches back in the sixties when everybody was trying to stop the Vietnam War and he supported them because he knew there was no way to win that war the way the US was going about it. Down here he doesn’t support the negotiations for peace because he believes that the Farc stopped being a political revolutionary group and changed into a bunch of guns for hire for the Cartels. If they were a real political group they would plaster their opinions on government buildings or they would blow them up. They wouldn’t be operating and hiding in the jungle surprisingly the same area where Cocaine is produced. They would also not hurt the people they supposedly are trying to help, that are the poor peasants of the country. Jeff thinks that maybe at one time there was a real political agenda but now the politicians inside the Farc are watching the control of their military vanish and they are afraid if they don’t get what they can for themselves now they’ll be left out in the cold later. The government in the mean time is not negotiating from a position of strength, there military is not succeeding in forcing a negotiated peace. So there you have today’s rant. Jeff deplores some of the things he see’s down here but doesn’t think that the Farc has any better answers. The real losers in this mess are the dead and wounded fighters and the innocent victims of mines and bombs. Someone said and neither Jeff nor I can remember who “Stop the Madness.” Let’s hope they do it soon. This is Flounder and his buddy Jeff saying CIAO from Colombia.

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