April 8, 2013

sancochoWell Jeff and Ruby went shopping and got the nail clippers and my food but instead of coming right home they went to Nelida’s house to see her and El Jefe here and Ruby’s father. Now Jeff isn’t a big fan of Sancocho but if Nelida’s making it you can bet Jeff will be there for it, that’s not to say his wife Ruby doesn’t make a great one there’s just something about Nelida’s. It was a great day the weather, although a little warm was great the sky blue and as Jeff says all was right with the world. Now today I have to be careful because Jeff is going to try and corner me so he can trim my nails and the only way I’m going to let him do that is if there stuck in his hand. This will be an interesting day I know Ruby wants no part of trimming my nails although I love her she tries to ignore me as much as possible. If Hari shows up all I have to do, is cry a little and he won’t let Jeff touch me, now that’s a friend. Well that’s about it for me so this is Flounder saying CIAO and Bon Appetite from Colombia.

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