April 6, 2013

imagesI laying here on Jeff and Ruby’s bed looking out the window watching the weather on the other side of the valley, which is only about six miles away. It is raining so badly over there you can’t see the mountain, and this is typical in this valley. You’ll see lightning at night from the other side of the mountain and it will never rain where you are. You will see rain as close as a few hundred yards and it will never reach you or better yet it will be raining outside the kitchen window and the sun will be shining out the living room window. It’s pretty cool except when you want to go somewhere and you don’t know whether to bring an umbrella or shorts. It’s the price we pay for living in a tropical paradise and it sure beat winter in New Jersey. Well it’s Saturday morning and Ruby is on her way back from her friend’s house and from the looks of thing it’s raining there. I hope the Medellin vs Nacional game is on TV tonight because regular TV sucks the big one on the weekend down here. Well I feel my eyes getting tired and the thunder starting so this Flounder saying CIAO from warm Colombia.

One Response to “WEATHER”

  1. valerie said

    You must get to see all kinds of sights out of that window


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