April 4, 2013

imagesBoy yesterday was a bitch I can see why Jeff hates banks. His bank shut off his debit cards and his internet access by mistake and then tried to tell him it wasn’t their fault. The bank in question is HSBC, yeah the drug money launders, anyhow Jeff got the account because a friend of his Jeff Z. was a branch manager and said look I’ll hook you up with this Premier account even though you don’t qualify it will save you money. Jeff asked him what happens if something happens Z and he don’t worry, Yeah Right. Well things are starting to get under control, but that’s why there was no post yesterday Jeff spent most of the day on the phone with the bank so that he could get money to pay his rent. To make matters worse his bank in Colombia is an HSBC bank but they don’t talk to the one in America and on top of that it was sold. Jeff has to keep a bank in the US so that he can have his Social Security check direct deposited so he may have to go to Miami in the near future to set up a new bank. I have to tell you I wish there was some way the bank could be made to pay when the screw up but even the federal government can’t touch these people so I guess I’ll just say this Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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