March 31, 2013

cat-rabbitToday is Easter Sunday and down here it ended the holiest week of the year at midnight last night as all the Catholic Churches celebrated the Resurrection with fireworks. Today there are still a few processions wondering thru the streets. There is a Catholic Church about every three or four blocks in this area and like all other religions if your going to go to church only once in awhile this is the day because you can get a clean slate until next year at this time. There is soccer today, which surprised Jeff since everything has been close or running holiday schedules, Nacional is playing and john is going to watch so there’s a good chance of them losing. Jeff’s bank screwed up and cancelled his bank cards so for the moment he has no access to his money they say they sent him new cards but who knows if he’s going to get them in the mean time he has to use his credit card. He also thinks he might be flying into Miami for a day or two too get a new bank since Hsbc SUCKS. Whatever this is Flounder saying CIAO from sunny Medellin HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE.

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