Ok I’m up

March 30, 2013

image1Well I’m back and I’m still not happy about having to get up early to do this I might just star writing this the night before. This is for all those crazy March Madness people like Jeff that live for this time of year and make all the brackets. They Study stats turnover ratios all that crap and then you get a week like this where all but 1 no 1 loses and you realize it’s all just pure luck. Somebody will have this all picked on a bracket and go around bragging how smart he is but trust me he has hundreds maybe more brackets probably in different names with all kinds of combinations it’s all just luck when this happens and picking Louisville to win it all as the only remaining no1 takes no skill at all. Jeff has Duke winning it all and that’s no stroke of genius since they were ranked no 2 and always play best at tournament time. Down here it’s still a religious weekend with just about every Easter themed movie playing; we’re talking about going back to the fifties and sixties with movies that have been re-colored. So I spend my time with Jeff who spend his either writing or reading so you can see why it’s so hard to figure out what to write about anyhow this Flounder down here I Medellin saying CIAO.

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