March 28, 2013

cyber-attackI’m not sure you’ll get to see this post today there’s a giant cyber attack going on and you may or may not notice it. For us it means we can’t access our bank on the net and things like Facebook and Email are a lot slower than normal. I guess attacking the internet is like climbing a mountain for some people they do it just because they can and they don’t care about the rest of us trying to contact a friend or do some banking. But of course, we all think that these denials of service attacks shouldn’t be punished that severely because they just cause a slight in connivance. But let’s say the attack affects emergency phone service and your having a heart attack but your wife can’t get through to the hospital to get an ambulance for you and you die, guess it was a little more than a slight in connivance now isn’t it. Cyber crime is getting bigger everyday now me being a cat I have absolutely no idea what this is all about, but Jeff is really pissed off because they keep telling him his credit card is invalid so they can’t do anything until this is resolved. I really don’t care about this unless they run out of cat food then they better find these people and hang by their you know what’s. Well that’s out of my system now so once again this is Flounder saying CIAO.

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