March 27, 2013

america-in-the-1950s-old-time-radio-otr-cassettesSome people want to compare Colombia to the America of 1950 and they are right in some ways. There is still great opportunity for young people to advance in their country maybe even grow up to be the president. It’s much harder to that in America now it takes a lot of money as well as other things. Housing in Columbia is now starting to spread out like America did the difference is the housing is not real high quality unless you stay in the city where now their building up instead of out. There are areas of Colombia where you can leave your door unlocked at night and your neighbors will watch out for you. People do know there neighbors and it’s considered impolite not to say hello to people in you neighborhood. Crime on the other hand is very similar to the fifties with gangsters controlling neighborhoods and teenage gangs roaming the streets the big difference down here is that you don’t wander far from home once the sun goes down. All and all if you live in the city it’s different down here because people still look after one another but this is beginning to change unfortunately. In Colombia you can leave your bike out for a shrt period of time and your neighbor will watch it for you in the US put your bike down and go inside and before you can open your door someone has stolen your bike and no one has seen anything. There are a lot more comparisons one could make but for now this Flounder saying CIAO.

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