March 24, 2013

7dde5789f4eb2ddfdde8e7db78b6310I decide that today we would take a look at the week ahead and see what’s coming up down here and up there. Down here it’s the beginning of Holy Week which down here is a much bigger thing than in the US Latin America has more Catholics then the rest of the world but together’ so you can see this is a big event. There will be very little work done although the stores will be open must office workers will be going in late if they bother to go in at all. Monday is the first official holiday of the week followed by Maundy Thursday, Good Friday then Easter Sunday and the following Monday is Labor Day down here. This is similar to Christmas week when people just the hell with work and party this week though they will be spending a lot of time in Church. In the good old USA it will start off the first week of spring with about 5inches of Snow in New Jersey and as I look at the temperature it will be heavy and wet then the Basketball tournaments will continue as well as the NBA. Most of the rest of the world sort of takes the week off Sports wise this week. Well that’s all I got so this Flounder saying CIAO.

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