March 23, 2013

165012893_2059303112001_901868133-187-1356642331188Colombia won 5 to 0 over Bolivia yesterday the US won over Costa Rico and they did it in a major snowstorm. Now I’ve seen soccer played in rain and very cold weather but I’ve never seen it played I the snow and from the photos I’ve seen I don’t know how they did it. Anyhow it looks like Jeff’s two teams the US and Colombia will get a shot at the World Cup in 2014. The NCAA women’s basket ball tournament stars today and the men’s continues, Jeff hopes to be able to watch at least a couple games the weekend but it depends on Tennis and Rugby being televised and you right Jeff doesn’t care about either one. Well Jeff getting ready to vacuum the house right now and I’m going to find a nice safe quite place to hide CIAO.

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