March 22, 2013


Well March madness is underway if you like basketball even just a little bit you have to get excited with this time of year. College basketball is far more exciting than the pros for most fans Jeff included he just wishes there were more games on TV down here. But he filled two men’s brackets and one woman’s bracket just like every other year he never does well but it makes him happy to do it. Not many people down here are into it they love American Football and Pro basketball they really don’t get enough exposure to the college games to realize how much more exciting they can be. Today they’ll all be glued to their TV’s to watch the world cup qualifier between Colombia and Bolivia not much else will be seen or talked about today even the News no matter how important will be of concern for the average Colombian later this afternoon. Jeff will be watching just like everyone else he actually understands the game now and enjoys it when it’s played at a high level. As for me I’m going to curl up on my couch and take a nap hoping the guys in the living room can keep the noise down to a low roar CIAO.

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