March 20, 2013

money-talks-and-bullshit-walksHere’s a good example of today’s topic MONEY TALKS BULL SHIT WALKS. This could happen and has happened everywhere in the world so even though the story talks place down here it isn’t meant as an insult to Colombia. Over the weekend a tragedy happen a well to do young BMX rider was shot in down while minding his own business. As far as Jeff knows this kid had never done anything illegal wasn’t into drugs just loved to ride in BMX races. He was friends with the Olympic gold winner in the event who is a young Colombian woman. He was also a student of Ruby’s sun John now what I’m about to say has nothing to do with this kid personally he was a good boy he did nothing wrong except be standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. What my post is about is how the police reacted to this horrible crime the commander of the National Police game to Medellin and went on TV with the President of Colombia and said he was going to bring extra police to Medellin to find the killer and prevent this from happening again. Where the title of the blog comes is when you see where this happened and the fact that this happens in poor neighborhoods much more often without the same police reaction. What I’m trying to say unfortunately is that this same crime in a poor area would be written off it wouldn’t even make the news and this happen in every country. The most famous example of this attitude is OJ Simpson who according to his own Lawyer if he hadn’t had the monetary resources that he did would have been tried and convicted sentenced in about a month. This is really a sad comment on the democratic way of justice that’s supposed to be equal for everyone and isn’t. Look at the newspapers this morning where the headline is Lindsey Lohan Booked and then released do to overcrowding in the jail and this is the sixth time this has happened with her if this was an average citizen they would have been in jail for the full term the first time. I think it’s great that there doing all this increased police presence in Medellin I’m just disappointed that it took a young  somewhat wealthy youth to bring this about if they reacted this way when other poorer youths were gunned down maybe this young man would not have had to die and maybe he wins the next Olympics CIAO.

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