March 19, 2013

7819701-seamless-pattern-with-numbersWell this is my 500th post it should have happened about 14 days ago but you in the last year I’ve goofed off some so that Jeff could write his dumb books. It all adds up to 120,422 words and 248 pages in word. That’s a whole lot of BS I’ll tell you but I hope you enjoyed some of it at least it seems I get the most views when people think there are a lot of photos attached. That’s OK I just hope they read the content once in awhile it’s really hard to try and come up with something every day look at what I’m writing about today is it really ground breaking news that Jeff and I have produced this much crap, I don’t think so but I had nothing interesting to talk about. In the year plus that I’ve been writing this only one person keeps making comments some are in support others are questions about the opinion expressed all are read and all are answered some humorously others with a serious note. Jeff and I agree if somebody takes the time to write a comment they deserve an answer not matter what they say. Well as much as I hate to say this that’s all I got today CIAO

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