March 18, 2013

Jerry_Goldsmith_-_Logan-s_Run_smThe above picture is a movie promotion but unless something changes soon it could become a real possibility no matter what the various religions think about it. Look at how they try to control us animals because they say there are too many of us running around the streets well if you stop abortions in say Pennsylvania you would gain about 35,000 more people a year. Now let’s say that’s an average for all 52 states that would mean we would be adding 1,820,000 births a year to the birthrate in America. The religious of the world say that’s a good thing but we don’t have an infinite supply of food and fuel as well as space so unless we manufacture food or start colonizing other planets sometime in the future starving will not just be a poor persons problem. It has been forecast that the world may only have 38 years of fuel quality oil left in the ground. The oil companies say don’t worry there’s enough but that’s just not possible every year more countries are brought into the modern world. As China becomes less a communist dictatorship and make s cars available to the public and increases its manufacturing capabilities it uses more oil and starts to compete for the available resources. That isn’t the only problem as the world’s population increases we need more food and housing and I hate to tell you this were running out of room. A good example of this is North Korea which has a uncontrolled population growth, they threaten war because the only people getting feed in that country is there one billion man strong army. So unless you want to start feeling like a dog or cat after neutering I would suggest you forget about the religions telling birth control and abortion are going to send you to hell and start looking around because hell ain’t that far away CIAO.


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